Bad Times

Everyone has bad times in life. No one is immune from adversity. For some people, the adversity may come late in life and these people are devastated. For other people, bad times surround them at birth and adversity follows them for life. It is critical we all understand bad times fall on a person’s life regardless of their race, creed, economic status, age, or origins. We must never expect the good times to roll on forever. We must never expect good times to come to us and stay forever. For if we expect the good times to roll on forever, we will be in shock when disaster strikes or bad times fall upon us. Our willingness to admit bad times do happen enables us to prepare our heart, mind, and soul in advance for what may come. Indeed, the person who prepares in advance today for the bad times in the future has a decided advantage when bad times fall. In addition, the person who prepares in advance for bad times has a greater sense of well-being and security during good times because necessary preparations have been made. We must not delude ourselves into thinking everything will be comfy and cozy in the future. A construction manager in parts of the world where bad weather strikes should prepare in advance for bad weather conditions. A person who needs to fight traffic jams every day should prepare for their adverse traffic by leaving at an appropriate time. Knowing bad times may fall does not need to make us unhappy. Knowing and preparing in advance for adversity can give us peace, happiness, and security no matter what happens to us in the future.

The Love Of Jesus

  • The love of Jesus heals the wounds left when we have been abused and mistreated. Nothing hurts as bad as seeing or experiencing abuse at the hands of others. For many people, nothing makes people angrier than seeing abuse. For many people, nothing makes people want to forget they are a Christian more than seeing abuse. However, striking out at abusers do not heal anyone. In circumstances of abuse, healing is needed, not more violence in the face of abuse. The love of Jesus can even heal the wounds left by abuse.
  • The love of Jesus heals the wounds and pain we feel when we make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we make big mistakes. Sometimes others get hurt by our mistakes. Sometimes we have to live with our mistakes our entire life. However, the love of Jesus minimizes the pain from our mistakes
  • The love of Jesus turns our heart to His way while turning our heart away from going our way. The love of Jesus calls us to surrender and open ourselves to Him. The love of Jesus helps us get through the day without fighting.
  • The frustrations of life can make us angry. However, the love of Jesus heals us and keeps us from lashing out at others.

A Fix For All The World’s Problems

Our lives are plagued by problems, adversities, and challenges which often seem never to end. In many cases, we can adjust to and work around our adversities. We can even get a cure for what ails us in our life. We could even get a cure for what ails everyone in the world. However, what would be changed if all the problems and ails of the world would suddenly be made to go away? Would there be no more war or could war come again? Would there be no more poverty or would poverty reappear? Would there be no more pain or would pain come again? Would there be no more darkness or would darkness come again? Tragically, even if we solved all of the world’s problems today, tomorrow the old reasons for the present problems would begin eating away at us and all the problems would return. The old problems would return because what the world does not need is a quick fix to problems. What the world needs is a permanent fix for our hearts and souls from the hand of God…the hand of God delivering His healing Light…the hand of God seeking to touch us with His Love. This hand of God, this hand full of so much love, did come to us, but we nailed this hand to the cross in the most tragic crime we have ever committed.