The Preacher’s Wife

The preacher’s wife, many times this is the label that is put on a Pastor’s wife. She in her humble fashion just lets it go in one ear and out the other knowing that many don’t even know her name. No one really knows how important this special precious woman is. Not only does she live with the preacher but she listens to his sermons over and over again. I looked in my wife’s Bible just the other day at a Scripture that she calls her favorite sermon that I preach and it was dated over twenty times. She has been faithful to hear me preach that one sermon more than twenty times. The truth be known she could probably preach it better than me. 
Yesterday I had the honor and privilege to say a few words over a Pastor’s wife, Mrs. Faye Cadwell and the gift of that journey inspires me to write this. I watched as Pastor Gary Cadwell said his goodbye to the woman who gave him children, sat by his bedside when he was ill, picked him up when he had been slammed by other Christian’s and the list could go on and on. This faithful man of God like many of the rest of us knows the importance of the preacher’s wife. Through this experience, I have learned to have a new respect for my wife. I sat and considered and asked myself this question, “Who is my pastor?” The one who lives with me and supports me the most is the preacher’s wife. Thank you, Brother Gary, for allowing me to be a part of your wife’s service yesterday because it has awakened a deeply rooted respect for the preacher’s wife that I needed. I want to say God bless you Marta Ray and thank you for being a pastor to the pastor, I could not do what I do without your support. You encourage me to keep going when many times I feel like walking away. You like the Lord have never forsaken me and for the times when I was stubborn and didn’t listen I say to you, I am so sorry. I have found myself in situations that if I had just listened things would have been better. Marta, Jesus is the power that holds our Ministry together but you are the glue that keeps this preacher from falling apart. I LOVE YOU!
Danny V. Ray

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