Are You Living Under The Reign Of Your King Today, Or Doing As You See Fit?

Judges 17:6—In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

This is a sad commentary on that time. The judges were warrior rulers. Some of them had a heart after God, but others did not. The spiritual condition of the nation was at a low point. The Law was not enforced and everyone did as they saw fit. Our world is not much different. In fact, that is the new teaching of our culture. “Whatever you think is right for you is the way you ought to go.” We still have laws that came from our Judeo-Christian culture but we are slowly doing away with many of them, calling them antiquated.  But this is a trend of our society because it is the trend of fallen man. He wants to do his own thing, be his own lord. He considers laws and restrictions unnecessary chains if they keep him from his desires. So here is the heart check. Are you a part of this trend? Is your king the King of kings? This is what makes the difference, the presence of a king that enforces the laws. If you know your King, hear His voice, and are disciplined by His Spirit then you no longer do as you see fit. There are order and purpose to your life. You live at the direction of your King.

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