The Answers To Our Prayers Should Fill Us With Wonder

1 Samuel 2:2—There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.

Hannah was barren and her husband’s other wife tormented her because of it. In those days, to be barren was to appear to be cursed by God. As she was pouring out her heart to God in anguish at the tabernacle, the priest, Eli, thought she was drunk. He rebuked her for it, but then heard her explanation. He asked the LORD to grant her request. She promised to give the child back to the LORD. She named her child Samuel. After she gave birth, she sang the prayer in 1 Samuel 2. That prayer includes the verse for today. We can know that even though we are mortal and of little account, the Creator hears our prayer when we pour out our hearts to Him. Hannah did not have to have children to have a meaningful life, but she thought she did. God heard the pain in her heart. What an awesome God we serve. He owes us nothing and we owe Him all, yet He hears our prayer and is concerned with our pain. Hannah declared God to be uniquely holy. That is very true. He is the standard of holiness. We can be credited with the righteousness of Christ and be made holy in God’s eyes, yet He is uniquely holy. Our holiness is received, whereas He is inherent. He has always been holy throughout time. We became holy at a point in time. He is always the same, and so, He is our Rock. No other god concerns himself with a man in love and mercy like our God. No other god is forever perfect like our God. The answer to Hannah’s prayer filled her with an awareness of the wonderful God she served.

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