When God Calls Your Name, Are You Willing To Listen?

1 Samuel 3:10—And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth.

Little Samuel was raised under Eli in the Tabernacle. His older brothers (Eli’s real sons) were very wicked. The word of the LORD was rare, and there were few visions. One night Samuel heard the Lord call his name but thought it was Eli. This was the first time he had a personal encounter with God. After asking Eli if he called a second and third time, Eli finally realized God was calling Samuel. He told Samuel to ask the LORD to speak and tell Him he was listening. Do you know that the LORD knows your name? When He calls your name there is a sense of His personal relationship with you. You are not just one of the many but personally known by God. He wants to commune with you personally. Eli told Samuel the perfect response. When God calls our name, we need to invite Him to speak to our hearts. We need to present listening ears out of respect and reverence. I believe the LORD wants to speak to us more than we are willing to listen. The LORD is seeking out those who will listen. What He has to say to us is often something we would prefer not to hear. It often shakes our comfort zone as it did with young Samuel. The LORD was telling Samuel of the impending judgment about to fall on Eli for not restraining his sons from their wickedness. It would be a guiding principle in Samuel’s life. He knew he had a responsibility to act in the restraint of evil.

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