I Ain’t Dead Yet

cropped-rayMy hair is white and I’m almost blind, The days of my youth are far behind My neck is stiff, I can’t turn my head can’t hear a word that’s being said.

My legs are wobbly, can’t hardly walk, But glory to God I can surely talk; And this is a message I want you to get
I’m still a-kicking and I ain’t dead yet.

My joints are stiff, won’t move in their sockets, And nary a dime is in my pockets.

So maybe you think I’m a total wreck, (to tell you the truth, I do look like heck.)

But I still do have a whole lot of fun and my heart With joy is still overrun.

I have a lot of good friends so kind and sweet and still many more that I’ll never meet. Oh, this is a wonderful world of ours, Shade, sunshine, and beautiful flowers.

So you take it from me, and you bet, I’m glad I’m living And I ain’t dead yet.

I’ve got corns on my feet, and ingrowing nails, and they do hurt, Here plain language fails. To tell you my troubles would take to long If I tried you surely would give me the gong.

I go to Church and Sunday School too, for I love the story that is ever new. And when I reach the end of my row to my heavenly home I will go. And when I leave this house of clay, if you listen closely, I’m quite apt to say “Well, folks, I’ve left you, but don’t forget I’ve just Passed on, BUT I AIN’T DEAD YET!”

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