Love and Patience

1 Corinthians 13: 4—–Love is patient.

Love has a way of letting things happen in God’s time. Love is a taskmaster not of earthly origin but of godly origin, yielding godly treasures. With love, there is no urgency to hurry up and get things done for earthly approval. With love, there is always the willingness to wait and see. With love, there is a willingness to wait and trust God to work out details beyond your control. With love in the sinews of your soul, you rest in God’s hand and in His love. With love, when things do not work out as you plan, you are willing to let Him work things out as He plans. Love gives you a way to see how the pieces of puzzles fit together. Confusion reigns in the hearts of those who do not have love. Love gives you the ability to work for a lifetime to serve your Savior with no expectation of reward. Love gives you the ability to serve God with no expectation of visible results, and with no expectation of any kind of earthly praise.

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