God Knows Your Suffering

God knows your suffering. Your pain, isolation, and loneliness are a burden God carries with you. You are not alone in this life. A person is walking with you and beside you every moment you breathe the breath of life. That person is our most wonderful Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ. You will never walk this path of life by yourself. You will never be by yourself. You are not ignored as you gasp for air in life’s darkness and pain. Your muscles and joints may cry out in pain yet your God is always pushing you to live up life as much as possible. Your heart may break at the suffering you endure, but God holds your heart in His hands. God treasures your heart. No life on earth is ever lived without God knowing about it. No microbe lives without the knowledge of God. We cannot understand all of this mystery. We cannot fathom all that God is and does in our lives and in the lives of others. What we can fathom and what we can understand is the presence of God in our heart. We can understand most clearly that each of us has the power to accept or reject the love that is God. Each of us, every second we are alive, does make the decision to accept or reject the love that is God.

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