Finding Hope and Security Now

In the adversity of life, we can and do ask… “How can I be secure where I am? How can I feel like good things will happen when everything has always gone bad? How can I find hope and security when life has devastated me so?”

In response to these kinds of questions, we must remember things change and times change. As Christians, we can look over the horizon knowing the paradise of God waits to receive us. All human beings and all living creatures come to an end. In addition, with us coming to an end, so will our pain, hurt, disappointment, and sorrow as we sail upward to our new home in heaven. Moreover, when things are at their worst, we can always take charge enough to go to God. In God, we find rest from the turmoil and strife we must endure. God is a shelter from the storms of life if we will only go to Him and trust in Him. Trusting in God may not change your circumstances on your outside. However, trusting and having a hope in God changes everything on your inside. There are many things on the outside we cannot change, but the inside is God’s territory or kingdom. He will rule there if we give Him a chance and learn to keep out of His way as we go His way.

Psalm 9:18—For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever.

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