Our Mission

When we fully believe the love of Christ heals all wounds, then our life and our church become an instrument for God and of God. When our life and church becomes an instrument for God and of God we have a mission for God. Each of us has a part to play in helping people lead better, fuller, more holy, and more devout lives. When we fully believe the gospel, great things start happening. Tragically, we don’t have more people in the Christian faith. Even more tragic, we don’t each have an individual mission we have accepted from God. In the Southwestern United States, during the region’s formative years in the 1800s, a mission was both a building and also a group of missionaries. Can you imagine the impact and excitement a little group of people could have in your city or neighborhood if everyone in the group had the zeal of a missionary? Another definition of the word “mission” is the meaning associated with a course of sermons and services designed to quicken the faith and zeal of Christians or to convert unbelievers. Who gets quickened today? Religious fire and fervor sometimes come out in a church service with a lot of vocalizing of Amen’s and hallelujahs. But the fire and fervor of the Christian faith must also come out in what the church does in the world. The evangelical fire that only stays in the church sanctuary does not help the work of God as much as letting the Light of Christ’s love burn brightly in the world outside the church walls. Love must be taken to others who are not in church. Our mission should be to let Christ’s love burn within us outside the church walls.

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