Have you ever been driving and not paying attention to your speed until you noticed the Officers lights flashing in your rearview mirror? Here are a few excuses that have been given by motorist who was speeding.

  • My gas pedal got stuck.
  • Don’t I get a couple miles per hour over when I’m taking my grandchildren to the airport?
  • I didn’t know I was speeding because my lights were off.
  • My speedometer is broken.
  • I had a bee in my car.
  • I’ve been drinking and I wanted to get off the road quickly.
  • I am driving my friend to the hospital. He has alcohol poisoning. (The driver was also found to be intoxicated.)
  • (After crashing) I put high test gas in my car and it caused me to lose control. (He was also found to be intoxicated.)
  • I’m trying to catch that UFO. Will you try to catch it for me?
  • I get 10 extra miles per hour in the fast lane.
  • I’m wearing shoes that are really heavy and they make the gas pedal go down more.
  • My doctor gave me the wrong medication.
  • I’m headed to a divorce proceeding and if you met her, sir, you would understand why I’m in a hurry.
  • I just got my license back after having it suspended and I’m not used to driving.

Many are speeding spiritually also and never take the time to slow down and enjoy their Christian life. Even Jesus slowed down from time to time notice what the Scripture says about that. Mark 1:35—And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. If the Lord needed to do it don’t you think that you do too?

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