New Power

We have power over the air via human flight. We have built our country (the USA) into the most advanced country on earth but hatred against our country runs deep in many places. We have unbelievable technology but we are using the technology in unbelievably sinful ways. We have incredible inventions but we have abortions by the millions. We have life-saving medicine but a world full of vacant and empty souls. We have extended human life but the life being lived is often miserable. We are trying to control the weather but the weather is reacting in violent ways. We have reversed the aging process in experimental animals but we have lost the meaning and purpose of life in humans. We have discovered the kill switch in living cells telling the cells to die but millions of people live on the edge of starvation. Not only do we have power but we are getting more and more power from new power sources. What will happen now that we have new power?

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